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Operating in socks production sector since 1995, our firm is one of the leading corporations of the sector with its 6000 m2 closed area, advanced technology use and experienced personnel. We produce 1 million pair of socks monthly with our 150 machines and over 100 employees. In line with our principle of quality production, we render service with our design, nose seam, ironing, quality control and packaging departments. Our firm offers a wide product range with its rich color options in cotton, modal, bamboo, viscose, wool, Lycra, mercerized, towel and patterned models for men, women, children and baby groups. We export our products under our brand to countries such as RUSSIA, UKRAINE, all former Eastern Bloc countries, GERMANY, ENGLAND, FINLAND and the USA.
Our company started its activities in Istanbul under the name of "SEHER YILDIZ" which first served in 1986 in the interior industry. In 2006, "SEHER FABRIC TEXTILE INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC." Under the name "SEHER YILDIZ" and "TUTKU FOR UNDERWEAR CLOTHING" chose to be a target icon, combining brands with quality and continuity through the use of the most advanced machinery and technology.
Varol Socks is 35 years experienced socks manufacturer and exporter in Turkey. Our company have been working with many reputable wholesalers and retailers as their "Socks Supplier Partner”. As Varol Socks, we are able to produce computerized designs, leg warmers, tights, plain and derby socks, knee-highs, pelerin socks and wool socks. We are using Bentley Comet, Lonati Bravo, Colosio, Irmac Tex and Sangiacomo Star 45 knitting machines in manufacturing. Also, we offer high-tech cottons, acrylics, polyesters, wools, mercerized and modal yarns in our products. We are helping our customers for all socks processess. The services we offer to our customers; • Knitting • Toe Sewing • Washing • Forming • Packaging- (Labeling and Boxing) We are strictly complying with "6 Sigma" methodology which means a measure of quality that strives for near perfection in socks production. • DEFINE: Ensured our customers' requirements are to be met. • MEASURE: Measured and calculate the production process and possible problems • ANALYZE: Focused on the problems occured in production and supply and come up with most efficient solutions. • IMPROVE: Improved our production and supply process after eliminate the problems. • CONTROL: Go back analyzing and make improvement decisions to be ensure about the whole process. This methodology helps us to produce our socks in a given deadline with high quality. Today, Varol Socks run by 3rd generation family members and manufacturing socks for prestigious wholesalers and retailers with 35 years experience in socks industry. Turkey is the largest socks manufacturer in Europe and our aim is to offer best price and best quality for our customers. Our customers may order both small and large quantities under a contract to get their quality products in an agreed term.
As one of most leading Socks & Boxer & Underwear manufacturer of Turkey, we keep producing since 2001. . Socks section 35 x 200 needles 2 x 120 needles 11 x 132 needles ​36 x 144 needles 1 x 168 needles 2 washing machines 50 kg capacity 2 drying machines 70 kg capacity 3 toe closing machins Packcing & Labeling & Pressing . Underwear section Gemini computer system 2 cutting tables at 23 mt 40 sewing machines Ironing & Packacing Altother 70 employees in Socks & Underwear
Bross Tekstil A.S. has been established in 2008 with the partnership agreement between Asim YAVUZ ARSLAN, the 40 years doyen of the sock sector and Mustafa KOZUVA, the Chairman of the Kozuva Group of Companies. The Bross family has been closely adhering to embracing the mission, the vision and the values specified in order to be “the best” in this sector, besides passing to its new building which was build on an area of 25.000m² in the year of 2012, having a stylish administrative building which will provide a comfortable environment for work, hygienic dining hall, meeting rooms, training hall and library, spacious and clean operating area, machinery park with state-of-the-art machines, and special arrangements for work safety. It has increased its capacity in a short time by exporting products to 40 different countries and increased its capacity to monthly 5 million pairs. (European Countries, U.S.D. , Canada, Russia, Middle East, Balkan Countries, Eastern Europe) By the end of the year 2013, having started its design and R&D studies in the year of 2012 to create its own brand, it has made great progress on this path, allocating 30% of its production to its own brand.
Dag Textile Shops which is one of the leading companies of the sector was established in Mersin with the quality service principle in 1990. For more than 16 years of operating in the clothing sector t
In July 2011, we started our journey with the motto "Happy Customers Smiling Faces'. We have referenced each of our customers coming out of our stores. Our biggest concern is not to please our guests, that is why we work harder to increase the quality of our service. One of our most valuable principles is to provide corporate service with our corporate tradesmen identity. At the same time, as C & CITY family, we regularly evaluate the complaints and suggestions of our esteemed guests. In our family, we as employees have missions and not different titles. The only title of every person you see under the roof of C & CITY is "Satisfaction Representative". Therefore, every moment you are not satisfied is a loss for us. If you encounter situations that do not meet our objectives, please contact us, we promise to make ourselves forgive.
As Fabs Group, we started production in 1999 for different brands of women's underwear. We have worked mainly in Sng and Middle East countries. In the past, we have produced collections under the CherryLady brand and have exported for about 2 years, and with the experiences we gained there, we designed our new brand Xsapienza in 2020. Nowadays, we bring our brand to consumers in domestic and foreign markets. Currently, we are still producing for different companies with different brands. It is among the services provided by our contract manufacturing company.
We manufacture and supply garments...Kalenderoglu Tekstil has a total production capacity of 100,000 units. Our company has INDITEX and SEDEX okey. Our company, which works predominantly in knitting group, can produce products with various fabric contents such as woven knitted blended fabrics, knitwear-like fabrics, satin, knitted combination blouses, dresses from time to time to adapt to the changing speed of fashion. Approximately 80 people in Giresun production staff operate as a team in order to offer our customers the best quality product in the fastest and highest service quality in line with the goals and objectives of Kalenderoglu Tekstil. Our factory in Giresun, with its staff of 80 people, offers ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System, ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System, ISO 18001: In order to offer our customers the most reliable product in terms of cutting, sewing, quality control, ironing, package and shipment, and to operate our staff in a reliable production environment. It is regularly audited annually with the 2007 Occupational Health and Safety System. The Integrated Quality Management System we have with these inspections makes us more reliable by the customers. Having the advantage of working with privileged customers, our company emphasizes the trust and quality of using organic cotton in its product with ORGANIC EXCHANGE and FAIRTRADE COTTON certificates.
Founded in 1989 by Omer Kucukaslan, Kucukaslan Tekstil company in a short period of time became Turkey's leading brand in underwear clothing. Manufacturer of wool, thermal and cotton underwear, shapers, bamboo shapers, socks, pajamas and boxer types & with up to 30 knitting machines, producing its own needs of fabrics in house. With its employees and executives who have adopted innovation; working without sacrificing customer satisfaction and quality is the fundamentals of the company's understanding of service.
Ermoda Tekstil is a Turkish garment manufacturer founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 2009 approved by Bureau Veritas, NBCUniversal and Intertek. Ermoda Tekstil dedicated to achieve consistent improvement in the system of providing products and services to the customers through on time delivery and enhancing customer satisfaction in terms of Quality and Value. Being over 25 years in this business, its determination to serve the customers more efficiently made Ermoda Tekstil a leading institution and brought international reputation. The factory produces a variety of garments, which are mostly comprised of casual wear, t-shirt – short, sportswear, underwear and pyjamas for adults and kids. Today, Ermoda Tekstil continues its mass production under license agreements made by Disney, Lucas, Marvel, Universal, and Warner Bros. with a capacity of 1.000.000 garments per month. Besides this, Ermoda Tekstil has its own brand named Wonder Kids.